Teach for Pakistan

Nelson Mandela rightly said that education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world. Education is utterly empowering and the key to unlock the doors of freedom. It’s quite a relief to see that people nowadays are gradually realising that education is a dire need. One can see schools opening up in almost every other area in the major cities making basic education easily available to the inhabitants. And also the level of studies in these private schools is fairly up to the local standard. More over media and other nonprofit organisations are playing a positive role in creating general awareness among the Pakistanis regarding the importance of education in building up a strong society.

But these endeavours are not enough in a country like Pakistan where the literacy rate is below 50 per cent. Each and every one of us has to contribute towards paving the pathways for a literate Pakistan because little could be expected from the government run institutions which are very often not even worthy of being called schools. Underprivileged children who are being reduced to study in government schools stand no real chance in having a bright future due to the low standard of education.  And then they are those street children who are totally unexposed to schools and learning activities who if given proper attention and education can prove to be the country’s real assets.

So I think private schools and NGO’S should join their hands with the aim of providing quality education to underprivileged children country wide free of cost. It might seem a daunting task at this moment but it isn’t totally impossible. One option could be that private schools could conduct evening classes for the poor children in their buildings. They can ask their senior students to teach those kids on a regular basis. Not only them but professional teachers and other educated individuals should also come forward to dispense their services in these part time schools without charging money.

It might not be the ultimate solution to the illiteracy in Pakistan but it could very well prove to be the first step. Instead of waiting around for a change why not be the change and together work towards a better and educated Pakistan. After all this country has given us, dedicating a few hours of our daily lives for teaching our very own kids is the least we can do as a nation.



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