‪Child labour in Distrct




Education is a crucial component of any effective effort to eliminate child labor. Children's participation in the labor force is endlessly varied and infinitely volatile, responding to changing market and social conditions. This context is matched by the flexibility of the large, unprotected, potential child labor force. Poverty and social exclusion, labor mobility, discrimination and lack of adequate social protection and educational opportunity all come into play in influencing child labor outcomes.

Experience shows that a combination of economic growth, respect for labor standards, universal education and social protection, together with a better understanding of the needs and rights of children, can bring about a significant reduction in child labor. Child labor is a stubborn problem that, even if overcome in certain places or sectors, will seek out opportunities to reappear in new and often unanticipated ways. 

This video shows the state of our country where young children are working rather than being enrolled in primary schools. 

It is very difficult to make a precise estimate of the magnitude of child labor in Pakistan on account of numerous limitations basic being a lack of data. 

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